fletcherbestflophat3 Rather than give you the usual stuffy "resume-like" stuff that authors tend to put on their "About the Author" pages, I thought it might be better to do this in the format of a Q&A:

Q:  Is Fletcher Best your real name?

A:  Yes and no.  I used to be the right-hand man of infamous mobster, Eddy "The Nose" Schnozzola.  One day, I decided to turn state's evidence against him.  When I fingered "The Nose", things got sticky and I went into the Federal Witness Protection Program.  Fletcher Best is the name they gave me.

OK, the boring truth of the matter is that  Fletcher is my middle name, but Best is my real last name.

Q:  If you're using your real last name, why not just use your first name?

A:  Two reasons.  My real first name is George.  There was a very popular English soccer player (or "footballer" to my British friends) named George Best and if you do a search under that name, you'll find all sorts of information about him.  I figured as I developed an audience, it might be a good idea to have a name that people would tend to find me and my books under when they did a search, rather than a soccer player who substance-abused himself to death.

In addition, besides being one of the world's top fiction authors (there was some of my fiction right there!), I am a doctor of chiropractic and I have produced a lot of health-related content on the web under the name George Best. So, I decided to publish my fiction pieces under a pen name.  After all, doesn't "Fletcher Best" sound more like the name of a famous fiction author than "George Best"?

Q:  Where are you from?

A:  Really?  Is that the best question you could come up with?  OK, fine!  I was born and raised in Miami, Florida.  I lived the first 20 years of my life there and then moved to Dallas, Texas to attend Parker College of Chiropractic (now Parker University).  After graduation, I moved to San Antonio, Texas in 1992 to start my chiropractic practice and have lived there ever since.  I currently live in sin with my girlfriend and our four cats (to clarify, the sin is with the girlfriend and NOT the cats!).


Q: So, what made a chiropractor want to be a writer?

A:  With the growing acceptance of chiropractic, I have not been criticized and disrespected nearly as much as when I started my chiropractic career over 20 years ago and I started to miss the abuse.  Since I don't really have an interest in politics, nor in returning to school to go into a more despised and ridiculed profession (law, meteorology, etc.), becoming a fiction writer seemed a good option for the self-esteem bashing I so desperately crave.  After all, even the top-tier authors get about 20% negative reviews, so I figured I could count on at least 30% of the people who read my books will hate them and be willing to tell me so in no uncertain terms - I like those odds!

I initially started writing health-related material some years ago for the purposes of providing information to my patients and then later to sell information products online to help others.  It had absolutely nothing to do with wanting to make money - it was purely altruistic (since I'm a fiction writer, I try to practice my craft as much as possible). After several years of working with my patients and answering health questions from people who found me online, I realized it would probably be more fun to write fiction since the interactions with my fans would probably be a little more lighthearted.  Somehow telling someone I get my ideas while lying in a hammock in Roatan watching tentacle porn on my ipad seems a little less stressful than telling someone they need surgery and may have permanent nerve damage - call me crazy! I've always been a big fan of sci-fi (not so big that I go to Comic Con in my Lt. Uhura costume - I save that for the bedroom!) , and of "absurdist fiction" (such as the work of Christopher Moore, whom I stole the term "absurdist fiction" from, and of authors like Carl Hiaasen),  so those genres are where my writing interests lie.

Q:  Boxers or briefs?

A:  Hah!  Neither!  It's meggings or nothing at all for a style icon like me!

Q:  What the hell are meggings?

A:  Only the hottest fashion trend for men - I HAVE to find myself some better-informed fans!

Q:  Wait... Who said I was a fan?

A:  You've spent all this time asking me questions and reading my answers.  Like it or not, you're a fan.  Now go buy my books, fan-boy!

Q:  Why did you assume I'm a fan-boy and not a fan-girl or even a fan-transgendered?

A:  I didn't, I was just playing the odds because you didn't know what meggings were.  Women and TGs tend to be more fashion-conscious than men.

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