Koming Out Of The Kloset


“We need to get over this prejudice stuff.”

Cliven Bundy – 

Noted Self-Proclaimed Non-Racist Who Tends To Say Racist Stuff

With all of the news coverage of Cliven Bundy and Los Angeles Clippers Soon-To-Be-Not Owner, David Sterling and their racist comments, one group of people has suffered considerably from all of the racism rhetoric.  I am speaking of course about the Ku Klux Klan.  In their eagerness to decry racism in all of its forms, the reporters and pundits have unfairly lumped the KKK in with the racists and hate mongers.  To wit, I submit to you this clip from The Daily Show With Jon Stewart:





While Stewart of course played this all for laughs, the poor Klansmen featured near the end of the clip are simply misunderstood victims in all of this.  To lump the KKK in with a bunch of racists is absolutely ridiculous! How could anyone have ever thought that the KKK was a racist/hate group?  I mean, the cross-burnings alone should make it clear that this is a religious group that simply wants to extend the hand of Christian fellowship to all.  Of course, extending the hand of Christian fellowship has sometimes included beatings, whippings, lynchings, draggings, burning down of homes and churches, etc., etc., but these acts were only intended to extract demonic influences and to assist the recipients in gaining favor with God – ultimately to gain admittance into the Kingdom of Heaven.  No, no!  No need to thank them.  They are happy to be the simple servants of God!

Sadly though, the KKK is so misunderstood and widely despised that these brave soldiers of the Christian faith have to keep their identities hidden beneath their hoods to all but their closest friends and family members.  In many cases, KKK members (henceforth referred to as K’s for short) have to hide their identities from even their own families for fear of being rejected and ostracized.  These K men often are so closeted that they keep this part of themselves secret from all but the other K’s they associate with.  For some, being outed as K could cost them everything:  family, friends, jobs, and standing in their community.  For example, the Klansman so stylishly attired in green in the video above talks about having black friends.  I strongly suspect that those so-called “friends” would quickly abandon him if they knew he was K.   How terrible it must be to live in fear of the secret getting out!

The plight of the K’s is not likely to improve anytime soon.  Sadly, even in this day and age, K’s are still not accepted nor tolerated by the majority of Americans, and K’s lack the political power to have any chance of changing that.  To date, there’s only been one openly-K politician to hold any significant public office (David Duke, who was a Louisiana State Representative), and since then, even his political career has largely stalled (meaning stopped, crashed, and burned to ashes).  It seems that although America has come a long way in accepting other groups, the country steadfastly refuses to embrace the K community.  While a few brave K’s like the one in the video will take every opportunity to speak out on the misconceptions and prejudices about the K community, it will most likely take a very long time to begin changing the attitudes of main-stream America.  Ultimately it may be a lost cause though, as the K community has by most accounts continued to shrink as time goes on.

While some have proclaimed that racism is dead in America, it is clear that prejudice is still very much alive and well.  Until the day when openly K men have friends who are African-American  and/or members of other minority groups who will stick by them despite their K orientation, we’ve still got a long way to go to fulfilling that wonderful dream expressed by one of the greatest humanitarians who has ever lived…  Cliven Bundy, whose quote began this post and is repeated here:  “We need to get over this prejudice stuff.”


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