National “Don’t Bite Your Dentist’s Genitals Day” Announced


The Alliance of Genitally-Maimed  Dentists has announced that February 30th has just been officially declared “Don’t Bite Your Dentist’s Genitals Day”.  To celebrate the newly designated national holiday, the AGMD plans to produce a series of ads reminding the public not to bite their dentists’ genitals.  AGMD President, Dr. Dick Lessnow, points out that biting a dentists’ genitals poses risks to the dentist and patient alike: “Although contact of the teeth with the genitals themselves rarely causes damage to the teeth, in most cases the genital biting occurs when the dentist is clothed and the plastic and metal snaps, zippers, etc.. present on the dentist’s clothing can potentially cause chips and even fractures to the patient’s dental structures.  We at the AGMD are dedicated to our patients’ dental health as well as to the intactness of our genitals.”

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