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Pirates of The Storm is my first published work of fiction and is the beginning of the Stranded in Time series.

Jeff Greene is enjoying his vacation on the Western Caribbean island of Roatan when a freak storm transports him back in time to the 17th century. Jeff takes up with a band of pirates led by the infamous Captain John Coxen as he searches for a way back to his own time.

Part Pirates of the Caribbean and part history-based time travel science fiction, the story takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride of high-seas adventure, bloody swashbuckling, secret romance, and mysterious forces of nature.

The book has something for everyone – at least everyone who likes a good pirate story (that’s everyone, right?). There are battles at sea, sword fights, gun fights, fist fights, pirate talk (yar!), treasure, lusty pirate wenches, sex, drunken debauchery, sharks, exotic locales, and even a bit of pirate captain wisdom.

Parents are advised that this book contains depictions of violence and sexuality and contains some profanity. While not overly explicit, it is not intended for young children. At the least, this book would probably be considered "PG-13″ material and at times may lapse into an "aaaahhRR" rating!

The author would like to acknowledge the influences of Joss Whedon and Christopher Moore on his writing and fans of these writers will hopefully enjoy this beginning of the Stranded In Time Series.

So prepare to set sail with Jeff Greene and get started reading Pirates Of The Storm now!


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