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"Five stars!!! From the warped mind of author Fletcher Best, Sniffing Out Stink Ape will grab hold of you like a rabid alligator and not let you go until you're scarred for life!" - Some Guy The Author Paid To Give A Rave Review 

"Simply AWESOME!" - A blogger you've never heard of who has not actually read this book and was actually commenting on the new Hobbit movie. 

Something stinks in the swamplands surrounding Florida's Lake Okeechobee, and it's not just swamp gas.  For decades there have been reports of a large, foul-smelling ape-like creature that roams the wetlands and occasionally wanders into populated areas.  Documentary film maker and self-styled cryptozoologist Lance Dumass and his intrepid cameraman Albert set out for the backwaters of Florida to find proof of the existence of the legendary stink ape.

Assisting them in their quest is Chief Osceola, the enigmatic owner and proprietor of Chief Osceola's Swamp Buggy Tours.  But the Chief has as many secrets of his own as the swamp holds.  Can Lance and Albert really trust him to help them find the stink ape, or is he just a charlatan milking them for money?

Join Lance and Albert as they flee voracious mosquitoes,  gird their loins against a penis-biting lizard, dodge the sexual advances of a pot-brownie-baking grannie, and view the wonder of the pythalligar (think the swamp version of a turducken)!

Rated PG-13 for profanity, sexual situations, drug references, and a penis-biting tegu lizard.


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