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The Corpornation is the second book of the Stranded In Time Series. In Pirates of the Storm, Stranded in Time Book 1, Jeff Greene was vacationing on the island of Roatan when he was caught in a strange storm and was transported from the year 2012 to the year 1688, where he fell in with a band of pirates led by the historically based Captain John Coxen. Jeff’s life in a strange time was made easier by his friendships with Captain Coxen and his crew and his secret romance with Jenny, a woman disguised as a male member of the pirate band.
After nearly a year with the pirates and nearly giving up hope of ever returning to his own time, Jeff was taking part in a raid of the Cuban town of Pueblo Carcel when a time storm opened up offshore. With the help of Captain Coxen and the crew of the Wandering Wench, Jeff was able to get himself in the path of the storm and was transported once again through time. The story continues now as Jeff is pulled from the water by people on a small boat in an as yet unknown time and place.
As with Pirates of the StormThe Corpornation does contain adult themes and is not intended for young children.  I hope that you enjoy The Corpornation and the subsequent books in the Stranded in Time series.



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