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It's going to be a long last week with the Dallas Police Department for Abdullah "Abs" White before he moves back to his hometown to take a job as a deputy in order to be close to his aging father.  One of the frequent offenders that he and his veteran partner Pete Galway have dealt with repeatedly in the past is up to his old tricks again.  The elderly, and not entirely sane Mr. Icehull is roaming the streets with a gun, scaring the residents of the Heights of Intrusiveness subdivision.

This time Icehull is stalking the legendary chupacabra, which he spotted roaming the streets during a routine homeowners association rules compliance patrol.  The elderly enforcer is further inflamed when he discovers that the dangerous beast is being kept as a pet by his new next door neighbors. Despite assurances from the neighbors and Officers White and Galway that the animal is in fact a hairless (and harmless) dog, Icehull simply won't let sleeping chupacabras lie.

What happens when you mix a crazy man with a gun, an imagined chupacabra attack, and a frightened hippie chick with a flaming bottle of patchouli?  Read The Great Chupacabra Kerfuffle and find out!



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