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Timeless is the exciting final installment in the Stranded in Time trilogy!

In The Corpornation, Stranded in Time Book 2, Jeff Greene's second trip through time landed him in a future largely controlled by the omnipresent Anaconda Corpornation - a massively wealthy business interest that had taken control of, and subsequently became the United States government. In this time and place, all time travelers were automatically considered to be enemies of the state and Jeff was fortunate to be rescued and sheltered by a group of former Anaconda detention facility workers dedicated to helping those like him who had been accidentally been transported to their time. Jeff soon learned that the government’s fear of time travelers was due to attacks by saboteurs from the future who were attempting to change the course of Anaconda’s history and eliminate the corpornation’s stranglehold on people’s lives in their time.

Jeff was just starting to establish his new life in the future when a chance encounter entangled him with one of the would-be saboteurs, a woman named Bax, who was on a mission to free her brother from an Anaconda detention center. Jeff found himself embroiled in the rescue of Bax’ brother and through an unexpected turn of events, he and Bax were transported to a dark and unfamiliar place – a place that should have been Bax’ home. But something has apparently changed and Bax’ timeline is now very different. Jeff and Bax now try to find their way out of their pitch-black surroundings and then find a way to return home to their respective timelines. But their journey will not be an easy one. There are many dangers in this altered version of Bax' time and Jeff and Bax will have to fight not only for their own lives, but for the very survival of planet Earth!


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